Services :

With the assistance of  who, on your request, will guide you on your arrival at Nice Airport or train station. They also have on offer a large choice of activities and organised tours of places of interest during your stay. We also use the service of the service center of both Terminals at Nice Airport.

More info : Service Centre
This is practical for the pick-up of the apartment key for travelers by car or for early/late arrivals. You can pick up keys/instructions until 8 pm.


If you do need assistance during your stay in Nice for anything  from arranging a meeting with local doctor /dentist to assisting you when something unpleasant happens during your stay,you can use her trilingual (French, Dutch and English)services on a free-lance basis (hourly rate) to have a comfortable feeling when you are far from home.

Marjolijn Coehorst will also reply to your inquiries  together with Marc who is located in a different time zone to ensure that you’ll receive a response in within the hour  and this 24/7 !

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